[Reads tweet]
[Dismissive honk]
[Shakes head demonstratively]
["Throws" contents of bucket labeled "Scorn" at computer screen]
[Honks again]
[Adjourns to early dinner with 30 colleagues in mailbox-sized supper club]

-Former longtime CCWAA President Jingles "Bob" SparkleBozo-Chass » 4/03/14 9:12am 4/03/14 9:12am

They kind of orient themselves in a way that doesnt cause any problems. Plus, they generate an unbelievable amount of warmth down there. And, oh, the pungent smells! And the salty-and-sweet tastes! Plus, they work pretty well for sex-things. I'd come back.

Three-and-a-half stars.

» 3/24/14 1:05pm 3/24/14 1:05pm

"I'm just glad he didn't get seriously hurt."

-Davis' wife, after seeing Terrell on NFL Network, a turbulent airplane, a rusty motorcycle, a sodden playing field, a creaky stepladder, a tour of a shabbily-maintained medieval cathedral, strong painkillers, a sturdy hang-glider, a Revolutionary-War-era staircase, a powerful … » 3/17/14 3:04pm 3/17/14 3:04pm